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At Prestige Auto Assessing Services we provide you with specialist assessment services to give you peace of mind

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Vehicle Assessments

If you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident, or if you want your vehicle or the other driver’s vehicle inspected to ensure the repair quote is accurate, then you need an independent vehicle assessment.

We will inspect your vehicle and prepare a comprehensive report with technical data sheets and quotes to accurately evaluate the vehicle, the repairs and show that checks have been performed to ensure driving safety.

We will advise you of your options in relation to the accident.

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Motor Vehicle Valuations

If you need to know the Pre Accident Value of your vehicle we can complete a motor vehicle valuation.

We provide tailored motor vehicle valuations for all makes and vehicle models including classic, rare and vintage cars, trucks, trailers and marine.

Our valuations are more than “price guides.” We consider market conditions, the vehicle condition, as well as unique features or modifications that add value to your vehicle.

Pre-Accident Valuations for Insurance Company Disputes

If your vehicle was involved in an accident and the insurance company declares that your vehicle is a “Write Off” or a “Repairable Write Off” but offers an amount less than the cost of replacing it, we can offer assistance.

We will inspect, investigate and provide you with a pre-accident valuation for your vehicle.

Damage and Liability Assessments

Our team of certified independent assessors has 150 years combined experience in the auto collision repair industry, which is why we have experience dealing with simple, as well as, challenging assessments.

Our specialities are:

  • Car and motorbike damage assessments
  • Caravan and motor home assessments
  • Farm machinery damage and assessments
  • Trucks and heavy haulage assessments
  • Marine and Personal Watercraft (PWC) assessments